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Crawford Handmade Knives, LLC

*Makers of the Original, trade-marked SURVIVAL STAFF

205 N. Center Drive
West Memphis, AR  72301

Master Knife Makers and Designers with 
over 75 years of combined excellence

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UPDATED 4/21/2023

Wes hung around the knife shop all of his life and learned to make knives from his father, Pat Crawford, a well known and liked knifemaker and member of the Knifemaker's Guild.  Pat is retired now Wes has taken over at Crawford Knives. 


Crawford Knives is proud to display in these pages our many different designs featuring self defense knives used by people around the world such as:  The FBI - CIA - SECRET SERVICE - U.S. MARSHALS - DEA -MILITARY - LAW ENFORCEMENT - BODYGUARDS - FIREMEN - SECURITY GUARDS - AND KRUGER PARK RANGERS.

All of our knives are handmade in our shop that is out back where it has been since 1972. We use the finest steels, handle materials and fittings, hand grinding and making our parts and knives here in our shop.

Collector quality folders with Damascus steels, exotic handles with fancy decorations and jewelling. Many different neck knives and covert hideout blades to choose from. The Survival Staff hiking tool that changes into many different combinations including: A walking stick or sword cane, hiking staff, baton, blow gun, and a lance.

***JOIN OUR EMAIL NEWSLETTER LIST AND GET IN ON OUR SPECIAL DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE ONLY THROUGH THE NEWSLETTER.  Just send us an email and let us know you want to be put on the list.

*By ordering a Crawford Knife you certify that you are 18 years old.  CRAWFORD knives are cutting instruments, please use them for the purpose intended. You should be aware that most localities have laws that regulate the carrying and concealment of any knife regardless of the type. Certain knives, blade designs and blade lengths are against the law in specific areas. With changes in national security, knives may not be permitted on certain local, state, and federal property. Although CRAWFORD knives makes knives for servicemen, and law enforcement, it is your  responsibility, upon purchasing a CRAWFORD knife to know the applicable laws and regulation regarding the purchase, ownership and possession of one of our knives.




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